Just imagine

I started my day with a book with my daughter because I’d be spending the rest of it on a course.
I chose the book Just Imagine as the monkey is really responsive to books where we can explore boundless possibilities – it’s a habit I’d like her to foster throughout her life.

It was a fitting book as my course has exploded the limits we place on ourselves by what we hear and accept as truth when we are younger.
I compare the blank page that is my daughter to how we fence in what is possible when we are older, how we reject what our hearts want in place of what we think we should do.

Just imagine was a book I’d bought for my daughter for Christmas but I decided some time together now was more important than an extra thing with a bow on it in a few weeks’ time.

I’m making my own list now of what I want in my life and which I’m no longer happy to defer to some nameless future date when I deserve it. A year ago I made a list and I limited it to the things I thought were most important and I decided to jettison things I felt I couldn’t have because they compromised the most important things. I limited myself. I was wrong. I got what I put on the list but I underestimated some key ingredients.

This time, I’m making a list, I’m checking it twice… And I’m using my imagination not just my head.




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