The Night Before Christmas

The kid’s got it bad for books. It thrills my heart.

Three is a magical age and this is the first year when the Monkey-face gets that it’s Christmas.

We recently travelled home as people were putting up their Christmas decorations. As we made our way through South East London at night and past a particularly down at heel concrete block, she looked up at floor upon floor of naked orange lights and exclaimed: “look, Christmas lights!” It was dark and her eyes were wide open to the magic of the world, a reminder of how a child sees magic and beauty everywhere.

We’ve been reading The Night Before Christmas and this version is thrilling to adults and kids alike. Imagine what her face looks like when she looks at this, if a tower block at night rocks her world! She fell asleep tonight with the final page – with a three-dimensional pop-up of Saint Nick on his sleigh – laid across her little chest. I can’t wait to see her in the morning…

Merry Christmas




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