Not my bookandbed 2012 round-up

Hello. If I were any kind of booking blogger, this would be my annual blog-highlights/ book-highlighting 2012 retrospective thing.

But 1. I barely remember yesterday much less the year and I don’t just dissect the latest kiddie book-releases. Im not that organised and 2. My household have been sick since Boxing Day and so I’m semi-delirious and not sufficiently patient to trawl back over my wavering output.

I did however take a quick look at the output of someone else more focused than I, who kindly did the job for me. This was his round-up (of kid’s books, not my blog – that would be stretching outsourcing expectations a bit far.)

Interestingly and without any knowledge that they were new releases, we happen to have 2 out of 3 of the year’s best picture-books!





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