Happy New Year

If you’re wondering why I post so few shots these days of the books we are reading, it’s the simple fact I’m struggling with getting my shots from iPhoto into WordPress using my MacBookPro. It’s undoubtedly very easy but I haven’t had time to figure it out even though I’ve had my own Pro a few months now (mumbles…)

So let’s start the New Year with a bit of effort.










There have been no books read yet today with the monkey (give a gal a chance) as she at least remains fast asleep. I’ve had less than three hours myself (horrid flu bug) but the upside is, whilst once I would still be shambling my way home, I’ve read half of Zadie Smith’s N-W whilst tripping on NightNurse. Go, me! Still got it!

N-W demands your attention, a bit like the area itself, where I set up my first home with mrbookandbed. We were living in NW6 when I read White Teeth, but I didn’t physically read it in situ. I devoured it in almost one sitting, or lying, poolside a Fellini-esque hotel in the region after which I named my daughter. I remember little of that holiday but I can tell you every book I read on that short break. It must have been one of those mental-health restoring holidays.

She still writes such full, alive characters and my investment in them at least has delivered at least three heart-thumping moments of pull and concern from me to them. I’ve looking forward to the next 200 pages. I plan to get through these a little quicker than the last because I can’t wait to accompany 2013 with some more good stories.


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