We are what we do

I’ve had a bloody good day.

“Hang on”, you cry, “I appear to have stumbled aimlessly upon the wrong blog. Forgive me, I’ll be about my business.”

But no, wait, tis indeed I, bookandbed. Yes, I may have a second glass of rather tasty Pinot Noir on the table next to me, but all, actually is temporarily rather well.

Today I used my wonderful Action Notebook (we are what we do) care of those lovely people at notonthehighstreet.com and wrote in it a long and unconvincing list of actions that I was challenging myself to do today. Even I didnt believe my own bullshit and KNEW that they weren’t going to happen even as I wrote them. There are things on that list that have been on every list I write for over 6 months. Yet today, most of them REALLY made it off the list.

I’ve managed to get my daughter booked to see a consultant, I’ve found her a swimming class after a year of trying (8.30am poolside tomorrow morning, soldier!), I’ve made our dental appointments and got the communal buzzer fixed. I do indeed roar. But the best bit of today, was the fact that the daughter came home also with her Book Trust bag from school and with new books and pencils and her delight was really wonderful. We read both books and even though she seemed rather preoccupied with thieving my veggie sausages rather than listening as I read the story of the Fish Who Could Wish, I was delighted when she asked for the story again and told me he had wished for a castle.

See, even when they aren’t looking at you, they are in fact listening! Who knew?



2 thoughts on “We are what we do

    • Thank you ever so much for your comment. Yes – the blog does help me be more mindful. More than once I’ve looked back over it and realised things werent what I was telling myself they were, simply because it was all there in black and white! Useful tool. Thanks for bearing with my meanderings! Happy New Year. Thankfully thinks have continued to be good so far.

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