The years are short

The monkey is a lot better and returned to nursery yesterday, possibly temporarily whilst we see if she settles down. I took her myself and will do so all of this week (or her dad will) to see if a less frenetic morning schedule improves her opinion of pre-school.
Maybe it was just because I was calmer and happy pushing her through the park under a blue blue sky but it seemed to work, although I held my breath whilst saying it. The monkey was completely loving and patient and full of belly-laughs all day yesterday.
We had much more time together – I took the afternoon off and we took the train to London to see a consultant even though we didnt make it as the lines from the station we connected from were all suspended. The monkey was full of fun and didnt complain at all when we had to stand on a freezing open platform for forty minutes. Eventually, she quietly said “mummy I want to go home.” So that’s what we did. I’m learning.
We got home. And then books.

We read:
Love Monster by Rachel Bright
I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen
Father Christmas Needs a Wee by Nicholas Allan

Today’s Highlights:
Copying the Love Monster’s monster face
All three of us reading in bed together
The monkey’s delight in us all being together
The wonderful feeling of following her lead again.
Taking time for each other for once: The days are long but the years are short


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