How to catch a star

Today was a beautiful day, with a dream influenced by a much-loved childhood book: The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton. 

So much of the last quarter of my life has been about hard-work, which is fine in and of itself. But so much was hard work without direction and life without allowing myself joy and beauty. 

My dream today was of a path wandering through a beautiful forest – an enchanted wood if you will – with no destination or pre-ordained outcome, but simply taken for its beauty and glades, the companions met along the way and the flowers in bloom. 

I came home from this dream to my daughter who told me she wanted to read How To Catch a Star and, afterwards, that she wanted a star of her very own. As we talked about this, I l watched her as she lay her beautiful head on a book, and thought how very lucky I had been to catch a star. 



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