Road Trips

It’s  been a while since I checked in and in this time I’ve been on a bit of a road-trip gone bad.

The next few weeks stretch before me, full of promise and potential for knackering things right up. A bit like a video game with a slightly frazzled, second-hand blue hedgehog, lots of golden coins and a lot of open-mouthed coloured circles that might eat me up.

I’ve read just two or three books with the Monkey child this week since I landed on Saturday and as I pack for Son of Road Trip, I am ensuring we get a chance to make up for it this weekend.

I’m sure there will be many chances – the child is now in that stage of asking not Why, (I have no doubt that’s coming) but “What?” Just yesterday, she asked “what’s a passport?” “What’s a country?” “Where’s America?” I feel like I’m on a Radio 4 panel game, trying to explain this stuff to a three year old. Books really help out.


So this weekend’s challenge is to hit all of the grandparents in as few moves as possible. Today we are heading 2 hours away for a meet with the social worker regarding my husband’s mother and her own mother’s dementia. Sounds like fun. Then we will head to my mother, a further hour away, for dinner and to stay the night.

Tomorrow we will drive to the Welsh border and see my father for his 70th birthday (is that the time?) and spend the weekend with some of my family. On Sunday we will come home via Cardiff and spend the night in Cardiff. It seemed such a great idea at the time, all of this…

I’m off to pack suitable books… See you on the other side


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