It’s been a wonderful week and also an extremely sad one where others’ tragedy has always been in the corner of our eye. In the same way that Castaneda coached us to make death our guide, the awareness that – this time – the bell tolled not for us has been instrumental in some lovely moments of our lives lived.

I did feel quite sad yesterday however and had some tearful moments on the way home. I decided, enough of this. The sun was shining, it was warm after months and months of rain and snow and wind and I was on my way to get the monkey. We dont have a garden and in my sombre mood, I wasn’t in a rush to hole back up in the flat til morning. Off we headed to my favourite pub, where 4 years ago I told mrbookandbed that we were with-monkey. It’s special to us. We set up shop in the garden, with chips, juice and ketchup (really, I could probably have just asked them for a bottle of ketchup – that would have done it.) Monkey had her book bag from school that amusingly contained Monkey Mayhem as well as Jesus is Alive (care of her Catholic nursery). We went with Monkey Mayhem and that kept her quiet for 20 minutes. Then she mutinied and wanted to play. Well, I tried, and I did indeed feel much better afterwards… A beer and a book in the sun – there’s not much it doesn’t cure.



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