Spring arrived in London today and everywhere I looked I heard proclamations about what a wonderful day it was. It was indeed a beautiful day, which made the fact my husband and many people I know were the other side of London grieving someone gone too soon even more terrible.

The loss of this person in unfathomably tragic circumstances has resulted in some reunions – in themselves beautiful – and also some realisations. That we are here such a short time. That love is really all we have. That we have more people in our lives than we know about until it’s too late and that this is unthinkably stupid and tragic. That we are all of us linked to everyone we have passed by. That we impact them, in ways we might only dream of. i wonder how each of us might heal if only we knew how we had impacted those we’ve touched, however briefly.

At bedtime my daughter wanted me to read the Heart and The Bottle by Oliver Jeffers to her, which I couldn’t really bear to do today. Instead we read Stuck, also by Oliver Jeffers, about a little boy who’s stuck as so many of us are. He tries and tries to resolve his problem on his own, by throwing everything at it, even when solutions just wander along to him. He just keeps on throwing everything he can lay his hands on at things instead of just doing something simple, like asking for help.

If only we read a few more children’s books. If only we asked for help. I’m ever so grateful to all of those people who got me unstuck, and ever so sad for those who couldn’t manage it themselves. Goodnight


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