So many books

It’s time to start reading again, but my spare time has been consumed by other things this year: preparing for a house move, preparing for things that have made me a bit nervous at work, supporting my nearest and dearest through some of the things they’ve faced this year. But I’m ashamed to say I’ve not read a single book for myself, this year. And the list is getting longer of books I want to read.

I’m only on page 40 of Wolf Hall and I started it 8 weeks ago. I’m going to have to start it again at this rate because I’ve forgotten what was happening when I last picked it up. Yet,
already my beady eye has fallen on Patrick Ness’ The Crane Wife and I sense I want to start that instead. So – only several hundred more pages to go then… Patrick Ness may be the only thing to push me through Wolf Hall. I was really enjoying it when reading it but so much has intervened – I never feel I want to pick up a book if its been gathering dust awhile. And I hate it when reading feels like a chore.


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