Life and Books

Our life is moving on at quite a pace, finally, as we prepare to move out of London. We’ve accepted an offer on our flat, and have put an offer in on a new home. But for all that the big picture changes and provides excitement and promise, our domestic life is continually throwing up nuggets of joy.

Having served up the Monkey’s breakfast this morning on her Hungry Caterpillar plate, she proceeded to tell me the perennial Eric Carle story, even though I cannot remember how long it has been since we last read it. Such a treat.

And tonight as I tried to get her into bed, pronto, she decided she wanted to read the Alphablocks letters that came free with her magazine. Unwilling to end up with Alphablocks stuff all over the floor just as we were expecting a visit from our financial advisor, I tried to fob her off with looking at the magazine instead. Imagine my shock when she spelled out (phonetically) the words on the page f-o-x. Thinking this a fluke, I arranged the letters b-e-d. Buh eh du, she announced. “What does that spell?” “BED!” she shrieked.

“YOU”RE READING!” I declared… “Oh my goodness, who taught you to do that? Was it Diane? (her teacher)” thinking they must be really under some Gove-style kosh to get 3 year olds reading phonetically and reading Chekhov at nursery by now and I must be really out of touch. Imagine my pride when she pointed at me and said “NO! YOU DID!”

A very good night to you all. I’m so chuffed.


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