Hello, stranger…

It’s a complete coincidence that the last blog I wrote was on our last not-so-much-of-a-holiday-as-a -civil-war and the very next time I’ve felt up to blogging is the very day I’ve just booked a holiday. It’s taken 5 months to even think about writing another post, but in that time we’ve moved house (a feat I think may not have been any more difficult or stressful if I’d had to take the old place apart and move it brick by brick) and we are now in the middle/ beginning of a renovation which will probably take the rest of our lives.

The monkey didn’t react well to the move which has taken a huge amount of everyone’s time and energy. I seemed to stop sleeping over four years ago, just before she was born, but since we moved I seemed to hit a physical wall every day about 7pm. Either that or maybe I finally felt I could sleep instead of staying up half the not trying to achieve things. My body has just seemed to demand every second of energy conservation that it could. I hope it’s sated because everything seems to have gone to hell in a handcart in the meantime…

As immediate and all-consuming as the thirst for sleep was,  it appears to have gone away just as promptly. The desire to blog has hit me at exactly the same time as sleeplessness returned.2am came and knock knock knock back came a familiar voice…

Fortunately I didn’t heed it, and didn’t get up to shred/ write long overdue thank you letters/ work or blog. Instead, I write this sitting in the country’s most unlikely branch of John Lewis having had a cup of tea and a sandwich. I have learned a little something at least in the five months I’ve been asleep, being unproductive…

So, onto books… The monkey is still wrapped up in books and – at four – we’ve been usurped as reading influencers. Every night she likes to mimic her teacher and pick a SuperReader who will be reading that night’s bedtime story. She’s collected the entire set of the Slinky Malinki tales and so it’s usually one or more of those that we are entreated or ordered to read at nighttime. Which remains another issue for the book blogger, when your kid’s reading the same books night after night! When you’re battling exhaustion, reading the same books you’ve read every night for a month doesn’t really inspire you to crack open the Macbook, does it?

Anyway, in an attempt to mix it up a bit, I bought some story cards in-store and I’d really love to get a chance to play with these babies with the Monkey, today. I think they rock. I did also buy the kid some Lego – the movie-tie-in Lego won. So, not only am I teaching my daughter to love books, even if I’m not doing all that well in documenting that activity, but I am also doing a pretty good job in teaching her to consume at the same time. Oops.

Fastforward a few hours and, just for a change, we got to read with Slinky Malinki as well as the Gruffalo’s Child, which is enjoying something of a revival. But, I got to be Super Reader for a change! Good times




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