The Payoff

I bought Operation Alphabet about two years ago. If there are any of you long-suffering followers still signed up to receive any of these blogs you would possibly remember that. And if you are still signed up, either you just forgot to unsubscribe or you have a sado-masochistic streak, waiting for a post that will inevitably appear. I water my houseplants just enough to keep them from dying but surely not enough to keep them alive and so it is with my blogging these days – not enough substance to justify the wait but just enough to remember my wordpress password.

From the moment I got my hands on Operation Alphabet by Al MacCuish and zingily illustrated by Jim Bietsas and Luciano Lozano, I couldn’t wait to read it with MonkeyFace. I was in for a loooong wait. It’s long and probably still a bit old for her. But she clambered eagerly into my lap and stayed with the story all of the way through, even though the story talks of Ministries and Prime Ministers, which she obviously couldn’t automatically conceptualise. It was one of those moments I had imagined all the way back down the years when we I started this blog and we struggled to read together. In that moment, you look back at the memory of yourself, blinking in the daylight, having forgotten about the specific hardship or challenge you never thought you’d overcome. It’s in that moment you realise just how far you’ve come and what you’ve achieved together. I didn’t know how long I would have to wait for the payoff, but I just KNEW Operation Alphabet would deliver…



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