We got us a reader

We’ve spent the weekend away doing things that make a 4 year old excitable: Legoland, roller coasters, ice cream, chips, staying up watching World Cup football with mummy, meeting daddy’s old workmates in swanky hotel bars, chatting up young bar men and telling them your parents’ secrets whilst perched on a bar stool drinking sugary drinks in a long glass through a straw, getting your evening glass of milk from room service, meeting your oldest friends even if they are only 5 years old too, fish finger sandwiches in funky London gastropubs, making daddy Father’s Day cards etc.
So we looked at each other thinking we had only each other to blame when – for the third night running – the monkey face was still awake albeit in bed at almost 10pm. We kept hearing little footsteps but when we crept up the stairs, there she was lying peacefully in her bed, under the covers. Must have been next door moving about upstairs…
Except when I finally came up to bed, the stash of books alongside the bed had grown from Meg on the Moon and the Slightly Annoying Elephant to include at least Happy Little Yellow Box and Peter Rabbit’s Christmas Tale.
Sneaking out of bed, reading in the dark and pretending not to be awake so as not to get caught by mummy or daddy. Reading by deceit. We are so very proud


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