The Love Shop

A half-hearted bookandbed book effort, tonight, due to a tsunami of slackness.

We arrived late to collect the monkey from my mum, then hung out chatting, messing about together when we got in. And THEN, I capitulated and let her watch Wreck It Ralph. I know, I know! And thus, forty minutes late to bed… She was happy and hyper and took an age to calm down. Reading her choice of Mr Funny didn’t help much either. Much feigned hilarity at Mr Funny’s shoe-driving and toast-drinking, but how lovely to hear her laughing and messing about.

Encouraging her to sound-out words and figure out what they are is always difficult, because she knows most of her books so well, she knows what the word is supposed to be. So I changed tack. When Mr Funny arrives at the signpost, he decides to go to the zoo. “Can you guess which word says zoo on the sign?” I asked. And, quick as you like, the monkey pointed out the word ZOO. “How do you know that says zoo?” I asked her. “Because it says ZUH-OOO-OO” she retorted, as though I were some kind of illiterate. But what a thrill. ZOO!

Then came the inevitable drawn-out goodnights and she kept calling me back. “I’ve forgotten something.” Oh really? “Yes. I’m growing love for the baby. So when I kiss you, I’m giving you love that you can give to the baby. So, whenever you have a day when you don’t have any love left, just tell me and I’ll give you some. I’m a love shop.” I promise I’ve never played her any B-52s tracks.


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