Measuring Success

The Monkey has it bad for The Magic Faraway Tree.

After a bumpy start in her Reception class, she’s settled back down and is adapting to the new school regime. Or maybe its the combination of threats/ bribery that are working. Who cares?

So I was a bit surprised when I collected her from my mother’s, last night, only to be told that she’d been grumpy again when her grandmother met her at the school gates. “I don’t want you to collect me, I want mummy to get me.”

I tried to have a firm but fair word with her about speaking like this to nanny – as well as trying to get to the bottom of what is wrong and why she doesn’t want nanny to get her.

“Because I wanted to come home and read The Faraway Tree with you, mummy.”

Be very, very careful what you set out to achieve and how you wish to measure success…


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