And so it begins all over again 

Later than I should have, but way earlier than I did last time, I’ve started reading to my baby son. Astonishingly, I’m finding it so much easier to cope with the silent witness, the book-eating, the snatching away of the book and the interest in just turning one page back and forth. I find it embarrassing really, how hard I found that with my daughter. Truly, what did I expect a baby or toddler to do? Sit in awe of my every word? Well, yes, I actually did. Ego, much? 

I still can’t handle the 5 page cloth books with nothing but pictures on. Perhaps I lack imagination. But we’ve jumped straight in with Peepo, simply because Monkeyface and I had our first productive reads with Each Peach Pear Plum by the same authors. So, the books are special. I did want to keep some of my reading journey with Monkeyface special though, which is why I’ve tried to start with different books. Certainly, the fact that MF has come so far so successfully on her learning journey has filled me with confidence with the little man. He is his own person, however. It’s going to be exciting to see where this leads.



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