I’m a parent. I work full-time. In between conference calls, navigating bits of essential technology peripherals nestled within little piles of 4 people’s mismatched socks and lists to contact neglected friends I used to fall out of bars with, not so long ago, I try ever so hard to read a bit.
Let’s be honest, it’s not going to be much of a blog based upon my daily literary intake. I do, after all, have 2 full-time jobs. I had a toddler daughter, now almost 7, with whom reading was not the easy, snuggly time I thought it would be. Parental anxiety rattled around my brain like a rusty old penny in a glass jar, so the blog became my way to prompt our reading together and has happily become a place where my own ramshackle thoughts meet my love of writing and photography.

I tried to blog daily, but since a big relocation and then birth of a second child (still an infant) I really don’t. I’ll check in when I can, but one thing is sure, even if I’m not blogging, I promise we’re all still reading…


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